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About SenGenuity's Sensor Engines

SenGenuity Sensor Engines are unique sensor solutions designed and manufactured based on Vectron International's world–class Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) technologies.

SenGenuity Sensor Engines are optimized for specific sensing applications and offer key advantages and attributes, including:
  • Small Size
  • Quick and accurate measurement capability
  • Robust and Reliable Performance in very harsh environments
  • Adaptable to application specific requirements
Current Products include:
  • In–line, continuous viscosity sensing solutions
  • Passive (batteryless) and wireless Temperature sensing solutions
  • Passive (batteryless) and wireless Pressure sensing solutions

featured application photo of print inks application where our Viscosity Sensors would be a solutionNEW

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Power-Gen 2016
Come visit us in booth #2975 where we will be showing our latest fluid and physical sensor product developments. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Featured Product

featured product photo of the SenGenuity TempTrackr Wireless Multipoint System
The VS–2610 ViSmart® Sensor Knows Viscosity
SenGenuity's VS–2610 ViSmart® Sensor provides continuous, real–time, in–process viscosity measurement for fluids with operating temperatures of −15°C (5°F) to +105°C (221°F). It is well suited for oil and lubricant applications such as power gensets, marine engines, and on & off road vehicles.

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Featured Article

featured article photo of the cover page of Viscosity value of interestViscosity – Value of Interest
Oil is often considered to be the vital line of a machine or engine and can give crucial insight to its health. From all the important data discerned from oil, viscosity is considered to be the most important single physical value, and therefore, a special value of interest.

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Featured Application

featured application photo of Application note for Rotating and Recipricating ApplicationsRotating and Reciprocating Applications
Passive and Wireless temperature sensors are ideally suited for rotating and reciprocating applications as they offer the possibility to measure directly inside a machinery at endangered hot spots without the need of maintenance or battery changes. This report reviews SenGenuity's latest achievements in this application area

Application Note